I just love how real these cupcake bouquets look!

This bouquet, in shades of blue, was made for a sweet 16 party. The birthday girl was browsing through the website for ideas and when she saw the previous cupcake bouquet, she just had to have one to celebrate her sweet 16!

These are strawberry cupcakes, and this time to assemble them, I used a cabbage instead of a foam ball. The cabbage is perfect! It’s natural, it’s already green and leafy, (so no need to cover it with tissue paper) and the best part is, I can make it the perfect size to fit any vase just by peeling off layers until I get the right size!

The birthday girl just loved it! The bouquet was used as a centrepiece on the table, and when the guests were told to start eating them, they were shocked! They all thought they’d been looking at a real bouquet of flowers all evening!

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