The Despicable Me movies continue to be Oh so popular of late, and seem to be the theme of a lot of little kid (and not-so-little-kid) birthday parties. I’m not going to lie, I love the movies too!

Oddly enough this is the first minion cake that I was asked to create but it was a fun one! I took a 9×13″ rectangle chocolate cake and trimmed some cake off the corners to round it out. The cake was then iced with yellow and blue icing and the overalls were lined with black string licorice. The same licorice was cut up and used for the little grin on this minion’s face and the trademark spiky hairs. To create the goggles, I took a couple of tootsie rolls and heated them up in my hands until I could mash them together and roll them into a long tube. I then made it into a circle, painted the whole thing with corn syrup and rolled it in silver sugar sparkles. Not too difficult but lots of fun and the kids at this birthday party just loved it!

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