This themed cake was made for a special little guy that just loves to bowl! It was a fun one to come up with the concept for and make. Took some creativity and some searching for candies at the bulk food store, but I think it turned out great!

The base is a 9×13″ double layer chocolate cake with chocolate yellow buttercream filling, and I coated the whole outside in yellow buttercream as well. For the bowling lanes, I whipped up 2 small batches of chocolate icing, one with a bit more cocoa than the other and spread it on in alternating streaks to look like the wood of the bowling lanes. They were then edged with sour ribbon candy to add some colour and look like the gutters on the sides. I made a chocolate disk out of melted merckens to add the birthday text as well. The bowling balls were halloween gumballs…what a perfect time of year to make a bowling cake! I was relieved to find those, and the bowling pins were foot shaped candies (the tops are the big toes) that I iced with red lines to finish them off. The cake was a huge hit with the birthday boy, and definitely a fun one for me to make!