These cupcakes were born out of some left-over fudge that we had after a stop in French River on our summer trip up North to Sudbury. Safe to say we got a little over-zealous and bought a little bit too much for our own good. So when asked to bring dessert to a family BBQ, out came these cupcakes!

As always the cupcakes are my ever-popular chocolate cake and the icing on these is a mocha buttercream. This was my first attempt at mocha icing, and it took a lot of tasting to get the flavour right, but the chocolate and mocha were an awesome combo.

Then I just took some of the left over fudge, chilled it in the fridge so that it was hard and shredded it with a cheese grater to sprinkle on top of each cupcake. Some are topped with double chocolate fudge and the others are maple fudge. These are some seriously Canadian cupcakes!

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