The 20s were all about art deco, lavish parties, and booze, and these cupcakes definitely fit the bill for a Gatsby themed 40th birthday bash!

The cupcakes were a simple mix of chocolate and vanilla, but with some especially delicious boozy icing! The vanilla cupcakes were topped with Limoncello buttercream, sweet with a hint of Italian lemon liqueur! The chocolate ones were iced with one of my personal favourites for icing flavours…Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream!

To add to the look and match the decor theme of the party, a mix of gold sugar pearls and sugar sparkles were sprinkled on top of each cupcake, and then I made art deco style topper out of melted dark and white chocolate. Needless to say, these were a HUGE hit, and were a nice way to add to the decor of the room as they looked stunning on the dessert table!

“A little party never killed nobody!”

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