The force was strong in these cupcakes! Starwars is a tricky theme to work with, as it’s so character based, so when I was originally asked to do Starwars theme cupcakes for a surprise 30th birthday party, I was a little stumped…but I love working with melted chocolate, so I decided to start there!

These cupcakes were fluffy vanilla with delicious raspberry filling and they were iced with silver and blue buttercream swirls with match sugar pearls/sparkles as a starting point. Then came the tough part…the toppers. I started with the Starwars logo by reverse printing the font and tracing over it in yellow chocolate and filling it in with the black. It worked great! As for the rest of the characters/shapes, they were all done free-hand with the melted coloured chocolate, and the details were then piped in buttercream on top (with black and gold sugar pearls added for the eyes on yoda and C3Po as well).

A mix of yodas, darth vaders, C3Pos, and death stars were mixed in with the Starwars logos, and a few white chocolate stars with red and green light sabres for good measure. I think they turned out great and the birthday boy was indeed surprised and impressed with seeing his favourite characters on delicious cupcakes!